StarCraft II Yapım Aşaması Teknik Bilgiler

 StarCraft II ile ilgili ayrıntılı videolar ve yazılı dökümanlara ulaşabileceğiniz linkleri aşağıda paylaşıyorum.Ankara Kalkınma Ajansı’nın PC Oyunu geliştiren bir firmaya maddi destekte bulunmuş olması umudumuzu ve hayallerimizi canlı tutmak için güzel bir neden.

En kısa zamanda bizlerde buna benzer oyunları eşdeğer kalitede ve kendi imkanlarımızla oluşturabiliriz diye düşünüyorum bunun için gerekli yapılanmayı hemen burada oluşturabiliriz.Kendi “Oyun Enstitümüzü” Hayata geçirmek için elinden geleni yapmaya hazır olanların mail yoluyla bilgilerini iletmesini rica ediyorum. Game Designer’lar topluluğunun bir tuğlası da sen olabilirsin.

 StarCraft II Is The Greatest Learning Tool That Isn’t Being Taught In Any School


DECEMBER 11, 2012

Though the popular real-time strategy game StarCraft II is quickly becoming the game of kings, the leaders of the game are made and not born.

StarCraft, a real-time strategy game from Blizzard Entertainment, has been labeled the chess of the 21st century. Cognitive scientists are using it to study memory, decision-making, and motor skills. There are “Major League” StarCraft players who compete to win $50,000 grand prizes. And the events they play in are watched by thousands of fans who follow along as “shoutcasters” like Sean Plott deliver live commentary on the matches. “I love StarCraft because you always feel like there is a way to improve, a way to get better,” says Plott, one of the world’s top players and host of the blog Day[9]TV.

Marrying strategic problem-solving with fast reflexes has made players like Plott experts in a game that takes years to master. The sheer pursuit of expertise drives many players to practice obsessively–and to share what they know with others. Because of this, StarCraft feels like a game supported not only by the company that developed it, but also by a community of learners intent on leveling up their collective expertise.

While some StarCraft players engage in competitive matches through a ladder system against players of relatively equal skill, others interact with the game through its robust modding community. Modding is a practice where players use tools to modify a video game, changing its look and feel, game play, or story. A wholly creative endeavor that requires players to either program their own tools or use those released with the game, mod-makers develop deep technical skills in computer programming, as well as the collaboration skills required to complete ambitious designs combining artwork, audio, and level design.

For educators in the 21st century, online communities like those that have grown up around StarCraft offer exciting models of peer-based learning environments. Players can move at their own pace, take advantage of a diverse set of resources created by other players, and contribute their own knowledge and expertise back to the group. And perhaps most importantly, they have access to experts like Plott who share their talents for free. “StarCraft is a space of inquiry in which to test yourself,” he says. “It is all about asking, ‘What works here?’ How cool is that?”

Katie Salen is the Executive Director of Institute of Play and a Professor in the School of Computing and Digital Media at DePaul University. Institute of Play is a not-for-profit design studio that pioneers new models of learning and engagement.


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